Sunday, 18 October 2009

Oil or Water? Painting Techniques

In my opinion there is only one way to paint one of our English Skies. The medium must be Water Colour. When I'm asked how long did it take to paint that sky? the truthful answer is about ten minutes, the smart answer could be thirty years. Just as we write our signature in a flourish I think water colours should done and left.

A closer look at the forground on this painting 'Rag  and Bone man, Nelson', shows
single brush strokes, get it wrong and and its not as effective
The stonework however was done wet in wet,
and could take some time

In complete contrast, is this detail from my picture 'Sarlat-la-Caneda', reflecting I hope, the  hot
colours of France. This is an oil painting, with thick buttery paint
applied with a painting knife

The last of the mediums I have used is 'Pen and Wash'. Allied to watercolour,
the image is drafted out (in my case) in waterproof Indian ink, drawn
with a reed pen. The pen can be made from a piece of cane, which is
sharpened to a point. The effect is an attractive irregular line,
hopfully seen on this close up of the fishing boat

This water colour 'A Beach in Donegal' is a subject that is particularly
suitable for water colour. The dry brush work on the breaking
waves takes us back to the 'one stroke flourish'. I spoke of
at the start. The white bits are the untouched paper,
I never use white paint, truly transparent
Water Colour

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  1. John and Lindy Sewell21 October 2009 at 09:52

    Wonderful paintings John, especially the watercolours. A small print of your 'Rag and Bone Man, Nelson' now hangs in our house. We love your blog and look forward to more of the same.