Thursday, 22 July 2010

Motor Caravanners' Golden Jubilee


In June of this year, the Motor Caravanners' Club held its National Rally.
This was to be a special get together, to celebrate the Clubs' Golden
Jubilee. The chosen venue at Newark is situated in the centre of
the British Isles, and very near to the beautiful cathedral city
of Lincoln. Early in the year, I became involved in a
small way, being asked to produce this  painting
to display in one of the many exhibitions to
be held during the five day Rally.

In all, the rally attracted  nearly 1200 members from  24 groups that
comprises  the club, groups that  covers the different areas of the country,
with special groups such as photographic, country and western etc.

Every night seemed to be a gala night, this was when each group decorated their tables to illustrate 
their area. Below Marie from Lancashire puts the finishing touches to our groups' table. Marie is one
of many stalwarts in the Lancashire group, a group I've been proud  to be a member, but I'm biased.

In a moment of weakness I'd Volunteered  to give a Watercolour demonstration
in an afternoon of arts and crafts. below is the painting I had to dash off, during that afternoon.

And finally Clare, our dog triumphed at the not to serious dog show. She got a
first,  judged to be 'Prettiest  Girl'