Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The Golden Retriever, our favourite breed

 Our lovely dog, 'Cindy' we did'nt know at the time but this
was to be her last spring

She was the reason we started to spend all our spare time
touring the British Isles. I don't think there was ever a time when
she did'nt accompany us on our trips

It took over four years before we could come to terms with her sudden lost.
This was our first meeting with Cindy's succeser 'Clare', she is the one
on the right being greeted with Mum, and Dad (nearest the camera)

Getting another dog reminded us that it can be a change in life style. so the week
before we were to collect her from the kennels, I fullfilled a desire I had long
held. This was a visit to 'Castle Howard' in Yorkshire, not realy a
practical place to take a dog

Castle Howard
is an enormous country house, lived in by the aristocrary, it is full of national treasures
from all over the world, that can be enjoyed by all who wish to visit it

it was chosen as the backcloth of the film 'Brideshead Revisited' This brought a touch of glamour that no film studio could match

In early August we brought 'Clare'  home at eight weeks to be part of the family

We leave Clare on the day she was five months old,
she is growing at a great rate

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  1. Ahh! John she's beautiful. We've been to Castle Howard, long time since though before we had Harry and Victoria. We used to go camping at Ripon, though its quite a way to pull the caravan now! Your blog is really great glad you and dad are enjoying it. Ive been a bit lacking with mine lately - ive been busy decorating!!